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I’m C.S. Kendall, Author of Great Escapes and Stories That Relate


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Will you run away with me?

Well, not literally. Hear me out. We all need an escape sometimes, right? Life can be stressful, difficult, demanding. The many hats we all wear can become burdensome, heavy–bearing down on us. Our own minds can become our worst enemies–anxiety, stress, worry, the to-do list…on and on they swirl through our brains stuck on repeat and we just need something…a breather. A moment away.

That’s where you and I collide. Writing is my escape, and reading is yours. I aim to create worlds and characters and story lines that carry you away, that help you cope with the moment, that provide retreat. When I get lost in a book there is something about the experience that transcends me.

So, will you come? Will you run away and lose yourself in these stories with me? They await….