Author Spotlight: Meet Owen Mullen!

Today I welcome Owen Mullen to my blog. He’s Scottish and artsy as all get-out. Let’s meet him and learn about his exciting releases!

Here he is:


Tell us a little bit about where you’re from, what genre you write in, and how you came to be an author.

Owen: Hi Charis, thanks for this opportunity. I come from just outside Glasgow in Scotland, though I now spend my time between Scotland and Crete…Scotland is wonderful but sunshine is a big draw. I write crime fiction, it was always the genre that most appealed to me as a reader and seemed a natural place to start. I started writing when I first went to Crete 11 years ago. The first thing I wrote was a short story. It was terrible. But I kept going and I’m still at it.

That’s awesome. I think we all have those embarrassingly awful first works. But those lead to the next ones, and we continue to grow, don’t we? Tell us: who is in your family?

Owen: I am married to Christine. I met her when she was 14 at her school’s Valentine dance…it took a while but eventually she let me catch her. We have a son, his lovely wife and two wonderful grandsons.

Wow, you guys are longtime sweethearts. How wonderful. 🙂 Can you share with us something from personal life that inspired a particular work?

Owen: On a visit to Pakistan I saw a woman who had been horribly disfigured in an acid attack: this became the basis for an as yet unpublished novel which I believe just might be my best work.

Do you model characters after yourself or after someone you know or do they all materialize into thin air from your imagination?

Owen: Something of me and my experiences shows up in some of my characters. When I create a new character they come from my imagination, but I always try to think who they remind me of so that I can create a visual image for myself.

Is there a particular message you try to convey with your work, or do you write purely for the entertainment factor? Both?

Owen: I set out to write for entertainment; mine and the reader’s. However sometimes my writing is quite philosophical and layered with meaning.

How do life and art intersect on an ongoing basis?

Owen: If you mean my life, then it always comes a poor second. Being creative really would take every minute if it could. If you mean life imitating art – or the other way round – then thankfully I don’t live in the worlds I create. One thing I must say about writing: it has brought an incredible number of very supportive and helpful people into my life, people I could never have met any other way.

Very cool. What’s one thing your readers and mine would find really interesting or unique about you as a person?

Owen: In my teens and twenties I was a singer/musician and met and played with some very talented and famous people. My ambition was to get rich, famous and pull beautiful women: one out of three isn’t bad!

Haha, there you go! Tell us what you have out and where we can find it.

As of yesterday, January 19th, Games People Play, the first novel in the Charlie Cameron Glasgow PI series,  became available from Amazon and all good bookshops on request. February 21st sees the follow up. And March 21st no 3 will hit the shelves. After that…watch this space!

And where can people pick up your new release:

And here’s a brief blurb:

Thirteen month old Lily Hamilton is abducted from Ayr beach in Scotland while her parents are just yards away.
Three days later the distraught father turns up at Glasgow PI Charlie Cameron’s office and begs him to help.
Mark Hamilton believes he knows who has stolen his daughter. And why.
Against his better judgement Charlie gets involved in the case, and when more bodies are discovered the awful truth dawns: there is a serial killer whose work has gone undetected for decades.
Is baby Lily the latest victim of a Madman?
For Charlie it’s too late, he can’t let go. His demons won’t let him.
‘A major new force in British crime fiction’

Additionally, you can find Owen at: and follow him on Facebook and Twitter! Thanks so much for joining me today, Owen, and I wish you all the best with your release.

Owen: Thanks for this Charis I really appreciate it.

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