The Killing Cure Series


The Killing Cure Series is on hiatus! Due to the closing of my former publisher, both books have temporarily been pulled from publication. But fear not! They will re-release in good time! In the meantime, feel free to grab a copy of book one: The Killing Cure Drink. To get yours, simply click HERE.

TKC front cover

 Childhood friendship turns to love in this dark reimagining of the fountain of youth. In 1919, Charlie returns from WWI and gives his heart to Julia. As their love story begins, tragedy strikes when Julia contracts a deadly illness. On her deathbed, dreams of a future together shatter, but Charlie refuses to give up, convincing Julia to drink from a vial of “healing waters” his war buddy swore would bring spontaneous healing. Julia’s miraculous recovery brings hope, but the water’s murderous side effects snuff out the couple’s short-lived joy. Can Charlie help Julia fight the water’s call to kill? All their efforts may be in vain when Julia has to choose between running from the curse or embracing it in order to save Charlie. Journey with Julia and Charlie through a love story that spans a hundred years and an age-old curse that spans more and worse, puts Charlie’s life and Julia’s soul at risk.

Get your copy HERE.

2 thoughts on “The Killing Cure Series

  1. This book was phenomenal! I never wanted to put it down ! I cannot wait to read the next book in The Killing Cure series!!!

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