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Well, well, we have a first in this series! It’s challenging enough to be an author managing all the voices in your head talking to you and constantly telling you what to write, how to write it, etc. Imagine double the trouble! Today I interview a writing team, Aaron and Steve. They work together crafting original works and share their story below.
steve                                                                      aaron
Meet Steve.                                                               and                                          Meet Aaron.
Hi, and welcome! You’re my first writing team I’ve interviewed on here! Tell us a little bit about where you’re from, what genre you write in, and how you came to partner as authors. 
Aaron Hall:  I was born and raised in Fort Worth, Texas and still live there today.  I’m not sure how to pin down my genre preferences, I usually like a blanket term like speculative fiction.  Sci-fi, general weirdness, action and adventure, they all interest me.  Our author partnership just sort of happened one day.  Steve Beaulieu and I met at church.  He’s the worship pastor and I play bass guitar on the worship team, and he knew I’d written some novels.  Steve’s also a writer and so one day he just texted me with a very direct statement.  “We should write a book together.”  Hall & Beaulieu was born!
Steve Beaulieu: And I was born in 1984 in East Hartford, CT. I spent most of my life in Palm Beach County, Florida. My wife and I moved to Fort Worth, TX in 2012. I work full-time as a Pastor and Graphic Artist. I absolutely love comic books. I am comic book colorist as a hobby/little extra income. I write fantasy and science fiction and anything else that strikes my fancy.
Awesome! How fun that you guys can merge more than one of your gifts. Now, tell us: Who is in each of your families?
Aaron Hall:  I live right around the corner from my family.  My mom, dad, brother, sister-in-law, and three nephews all live there, so it’s nice to be so close.
Steve Beaulieu: I have an absolutely gorgeous wife and a two year old named Oliver named after two of my favorite fictional characters, Oliver Twist and The Green Arrow, Oliver Queen.
The rest of my family lives in Florida still.
Do you ever run into creative differences? How do you resolve them?
Our creative differences have been few and far between, and they’ve never been on serious things.  One of us might feel strongly that something needs to be changed.  Resolving it is usually just a matter of a quick conversation.  I’d say the side that wins out is generally the more passionate person.  If one of us feels that strongly about a creative issue they seem to usually be right.  If one wants to kill a minor character, but the other strongly argues for keeping them alive, and I just killed them off to generate some cheap drama, it’s easy to see who has the stronger convictions in that situation and those convictions usually win.
Fair enough. Sounds like you guys are able to maintain a good balance with that. Can you share with us something from personal lives that inspired a particular work?
Aaron:  Hmmmm… this isn’t always easy when you’re writing about spaceships and far away planets.  I think what makes it from my personal life into my fiction most often is probably things like friendship, love, hope, just general ideas and themes that I like in life.  I like the struggle of good versus evil, that’s something we all walk in every day, so even as it plays out on some alien world it’s still a concept we can relate to.

Steve: There’s almost always something to do with faith or religion in everything I write. It’s at the very core of who I am. I believe everyone is pre-programmed to worship something. It’s difficult to tell a story that doesn’t involve some kind of faith.

Nice, yes. And regardless of what genre we’re talking those themes have a way of working into the creative work–who we are bleeds into what we write. Do you model characters after yourselves or after someone you know or do they all materialize into thin air from your collective  imagination?

Aaron:  For me, I try to never really involve myself or people close to me in my fiction.  I think that can get pretty messy, pretty quickly.  I have this fear of someone reading something and realizing the character is modeled after them and then getting offended by it, lol, so I just generally never go there.  We do have one character that we named after a mutual friend, but the only connection is the name.
Steve: The story, all names, characters, and incidents portrayed in this book are fictitious. No identification with actual persons (living or deceased), places, buildings, and products is intended or should be inferred. =)
Haha, that sounds very official. But in all seriousness, it’s wise to have that boundary in place. Is there a particular message you try to convey with your work, or do you write purely for the entertainment factor? Both? 
Aaron:  You know, an interesting thing happens on this for me. I feel like I’m writing just for the entertainment factor, and then when I go back and start reading I realize that there are usually strong themes and messages within that.  Our debut novel, Brother Dust: The Resurgence, has a lot of spiritual elements, a lot of stuff about identity and finding your place in the world, and that’s probably born out of who we are as people and our strong spiritual lives as Christians.
Steve: Ditto!
Cool! How do life and art intersect on an ongoing basis?
Aaron:  Well, to go full artiste on you, I’d say that they intersect in every moment.  Art is beauty, and beauty is all around us.  And for me, I can’t see beauty and not see God.  If you open yourself up to experiencing God in every moment, you can find Him in every moment.  I hear Him in the wind, and feel Him through the warmth of the sun against my skin when I’m out hiking, and I know that’s all ridiculous sounding maybe but I just think we miss beauty and we miss God so often because we’re busy or distracted.  Even this moment, as I sit in my office, and my work building is quiet, you know, there’s art and beauty just in the silence.
Well, that’s lovely. And I quite agree. Steve?
Steve: Life is art, isn’t it? If art is based on a created thing by a creator, than wouldn’t life be based on a created thing by a creator as well? We are surrounded by the beauty and majesty of the greatest creator of all. It’s not a popular belief, but it’s the only logical one. Creation is art. As the bumpersticker says “EARTH without ART is just EH”
Ha, I haven’t seen that one! I like it. What’s one thing your readers and mine would find really interesting or unique about each of you as a person? 
Aaron:  I never feel less unique than when I’m trying to tell someone why I’m unique, lol.  Ummmm, this year I’ve turned into a bit of an offbeat adventure junkie.  I went and explored an abandoned UFO like structure (turns out, it wasn’t a UFO), hiked in the dead of night to a hidden waterfall, explored the ruins of an old prohibition era speakeasy, weird stuff like that.
Steve: Think of the most interesting person you know. Go ahead. Now make believe I’m half that interesting and you’ve succeeded!
In all honesty the most interesting thing is that I am a singer, guitarist and songwriter. I toured in a hard rock band for years as singer and songwriter. You can check it out on spotify or itunes. The band name is Stonehigh.
I think you guys nailed that question, for what it’s worth. Nicely done! Tell us what you have out and where we can find it (include social links to your website, book sales page, etc).
You can check out all the new and upcoming titles on – we currently have a couple of anthologies for sale. We are finishing up two novels currently, which is a great part of being an author team—easily work on two projects simultaneously!
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Nice! Thanks so much for joining me today, and I wish you all the best on your upcoming titles. 🙂

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